Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Useful tips to book airport transfers at Dubai Airport

Taxicab is a most comfortable and convenient medium of transport and transfer from one place to another especially in the city like Dubai where infrastructure is highly complex. Surprisingly, it can be more reasonable choice if you have group of people moving around the city. It is believed that Dubai is not the perfect place to hire a car. The road layout is really difficult and confusing, if you miss your turn, you have to drive miles to get back on right track. The way the city is developing its means of transport, missing turn on road is happening frequently. Moreover, exits are also not properly marked, making anyone astray.

Taxis in Dubai are relatively cheaper and easily available. The city owns modern, neat and clean and safe taxis with official warranty of safety. There are some guidelines or useful tips to book airport transfers Dubai, which must be followed during the trip.

  1. Try to avoid booking directly with a car park as it can be costly in Dubai, it would be better to use middle source. There are bulk of companies which are providing airport transfer online that is more convenient and cheap.
  2. You don’t need to book a cheap transfer on notice period. Pre-booking is always available without any long time slot which need to be informed as a constraint.
  3. Online booking of transfer is always cheap and safe with respect of price. The variation can be slight from airport to your destination or from destination to airport.
  4. Avoid extra charges that may be up to your total budget in your visit to Dubai, in case you booking transfer from your hotel. Hotel booking for transfer is always costly and can cut your saving half.
  5. Always communicate clearly and provide complete details of transfer from airport to your destination and these details includes personal details, address of your destination, contact number, date of your arrival and particulars of your visit to Dubai.
  6. Do try to get incentives and price guarantees as sometime these perks on airport transfer can be applicable but you would not get information about their obtainability.
Apart from these tips, I would suggest you to go for some online research prior to book an airport transfer in Dubai that can save your time and money by avoiding all troubles associated to booking airport transfer.

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